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March 2016 Edition

Saving Lives with Aviation

Is the flying safety record of the helicopter air ambulance industry getting better or worse?  Find out in our special section on EMS aviation.  Learn about flight paramedic Samantha Jones and how she transformed from being a soldier with a broken back to a medical savior with a zest for life. Legal writer Wendy Mia Pardew, Esq. examines the state of the NOTAM system in the US and asks,"Didn't the Pilots Bill of Right law require NOTAMs to be improved?" Corporate flight attendant Aleca King gives shares insights on life given to her by the VVIPs she has cared for. Professor Olja Cokorilo, Ph.D., of the University of Belgrade examines the state of search and rescue in Europe. We asked the NTSB and FAA,"What's a drone flyer supposed to do when they crash their UAV?" Finally, we give a high-speed refresher on thunderstorms.

Celebrating our sixth year of publication, we humbly thank our readers for your support.


Special Microbook July 2015 Edition:

Learn Aeronautical Decision Making for flying sUAVs.  Flying an unmanned aircraft may sound like it's the same as manned aviation, but it's not!  The decision models and processes are more time compressed.  What's more, drone flyers accomplish those dirty, dull, and dangerous missions, making them swim in the deep end of the risk pool.  Learn more.  Read General Aviation Security Magazine's Aeronautical Decision Making for sUAS Operators, a special microbook edition for July 2015.

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Security Consulting Company

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No gimmicks.  Just security solutions.


Aviation Risk Assessment
The foundation of any aviation security program
Objective results, not subjective speculation, that's what Planehook provides our clients. We take a systems engineering approach to risk assessments. The results...assessments that help our clients see where they can get the most security per dollar spent. This professional approach to security helps our clients justify to their corporate boards and shareholders, county/parish commissioners, city councils, and airport boards why any funds should be used for security.How does Planehook do this? We provide objective risk assessments by accomplishing for our clients...
  • Asset consequence analysis
  • Threat and tactics analysis
  • Vulnerability analysis

Combining the results of these three analyses into an overall risk assessment provides our clients with a clear picture of... 

  • What assets of consequence are at greatest risk
  • From whom or what these assets are at risk
  • What are the exploitable vulnerabilities of these assets
Using this approach Planehook creates a clear, objective assessment of the aviation risk. This approach in turn aids our clients in creating the Return-on-Investment justification for spending ANY funds for security. That's good, objective business.
It's how we help our clients keep their
security costs contained.


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Superior Aerial Imagery

Still Images & Videos up to Ultra High Definition 4K

  • Showcase real estate properties
  • Record and compare crop conditions
  • Document property condtions before and after
  • Proof for insurance purposes

Planehook is authorized by the FAA to operate our camera drones for commercial purposes.

We possess required Section 333 exemption/Letters of Waiver & Authorization to fly our camera drones.

Our drones are licensed with the FAA like a Cessna 172 or Piper Cub.

We are professionals. Don't take chances with someone who will "disappear" when they make a mistake.

Worried About Risks from Drones?
We wrote the book on small UAV Aeronautical Decision Making.

We wrote the book on risk assessments and safety considerations for small UAV flying.  Our online book Aeronautical Decision Making for Small UAS Operators, available at Magzter.com, is  now an online course, thanks to our partner in flying safety Opango.  FAA WINGs Program credit is available upon course completion.  Click here to go to their webpage.

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