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60 Questions  --  2 Hours  --  Minimum 70% to Pass
You WILL Be Ready!
The FAA's Part 107 Airman's Knowledge Test will cost $150 each time you take it.  If you fail the test, you have to wait 14 days to retake the test AND pay another $150.  How many times do you plan to do this before you get your Remote UAS Pilot License with a Small UAS rating?
Don't prepare for the test with just anyone!
Prepare with a Certified Flight Instructor with over 34 years flight instruction experience.
Each lesson in our Part 107 training course is developed and taught by an experienced flight instructor, UAS pilot, and holder of a Section 333 exemption to fly drones commercially from the FAA.  Flight instructor and presenter Dave Hook has decades of experience as a flight instructor.  Let Dave help you make it the first time! 

Don't Settle for Second Best!


Become a licensed commercial drone remote pilot.

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Why Wait?


Back in 1978 it took me three years of bagging groceries at a local grocery store and $2,000 to pay for and earn my fixed-wing Private Pilot License. Then it takes at least another 150 hours of flying before you are even eligible to begin making money as a commercial pilot.  Today for that same $2,000, you can study, take and pass the written test AND have plenty of money to purchase a really great camera drone.  You could start earning money--legally--flying a camera drone for the same money in less than a week.  Unmanned flying systems are business game changers.  You can either ride the crest of the wave or be crushed as it rolls over the top of you!    

--Dave Hook 


Why Wait? 

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